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2:57pm 02-08-2015
Glenna Sims-Bonk
Hi Glenna (boy that feels weird to write!),
Just letting you know that mom (Shirley) is fine. She's in St. John's rehab because she had a fall about 3 weeks ago and had to have a hip replacement. She will be coming home on Feb. 14th, but you can call her before that if you like- her number is 416 226-6780 ext.4431.
Hope you are well,
your namesake, Glenna.
5:17pm 01-13-2015
Jen Munsterman
I have a question for you...

I teach 7th grade, and we are getting ready to begin our poetry unit. I used to have an article (at least, I think it was an article) called "What Can a Poem Do?" by Eve Merriam. I found references to the article in your book, Give Them Poetry!, but I am unable to find the actual article. I read somewhere that you interviewed Eve Merriam. My question then is if you are able to help me locate the article. I have looked everywhere on the Internet for it, and the closest I can find is the references in your book. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!
10:55am 10-21-2014
Shelley Hopkins
I enjoyed meeting you at Hallmark the other day. I enjoyed this website, and I especially love the sand dollar poem!
5:29am 10-18-2014
Excellent web site.. very informative, keep up the good work
5:28am 10-18-2014
myra zarnowski
Glenna, Wow! This is a great website. Myra
5:28am 10-18-2014
Lois Bridges
I find solace here, Glenna. Thank you.
5:27am 10-18-2014
Lorna Rogers
Pretty d--- impressive. You look about 35 so how could you have done so much?? Tried MSN Explorer first - no go. Mainly Quebec (QC) sites. But there you were on AOL Canada.I'll return and delve into it more fully.